Sunday, 7 June 2015

In a Race for Tunis....


I was supposed to post more... but I am not dead (yet) and here are some new (and refurbished) things.

Eons ago I bought an US Tank Company and a British Tank Company for 1942 directly from Battlefront New Zealand (before they had an European division... the import duty were awful and the dealings with the customs byzantine at best... robberies at worst...) The Us tank company was quickly painted, but the British are still packed...

Now I am reinforcing the US guys and refurbishing them to have their appearance tied up with my current painting output. In the box there were 2 M4A1 Sherman and I added a third one (Sergeant Jackson). Because now I am tailoring my 15mm units for Chain of Command and IASBM I decided to get them at full platoon strength and added two M4A1 Early form PSC (now I also own Steve Zaloga "Armored Thunderbolt" and Hunnicut's "Sherman" to allow me to wade through Sherman's versions... by the way if you are reading the blog Steve, again thanks for the excellent book you wrote and also for the recommending me Leland Ness books on the IJA!).  As usual the PSC tanks were a pleasure to build and paint.  All tanks are in the marking of the 1st Armored Division (later white  version, used in Tunisia and Italy rather than the earlier yellow ones). One of the tanks also still sport an US Flag as used during Torch Landings to make sure the French were not confusing the US troops for British ones (after what that dumb fat man in charge had done at Mers el Kebir...)

But I have rambled too much... and here you can see the tanks:

From above
 From the Flank


I know it is just a couple of pictures but it is a nice 5 tanks platoon, do not you agree?

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