Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Irish Serb M2A2


another small update, sadly the pictures are bordering the awful. Not to myself I need a better camera…

Anyway, recently (march), I had put an order with Irish Serb for some of his vehicles. 4 M2A2 and 2 little Hummers. They arrived in late April and I collected them from home in august… and painted them in October. I would say quite an odyssey considering one of the M2A2 is without turret and have asked Brian to put one in my next (very close, need to check road to Baghdad next week) order of some AAV7A1. As some of you already know Brian is producing some limited run 15mm resin vehicles. They are actually impressive (understatement). They are the best 15mm vehicles I had ever done. The detail on the M2A2 is simply unbelievable. They are very easy to assemble and a joy to paint. now... I bought some skytrex stowage at last Salute just for them. Then, guided by "Irak Insurgency: US Army Armored Vehicles in Action" I realized today M2A2s are usually quite clean. USed some stowage only on my Platoon commander vehicle.

I strongly recommended Irish Serb vehicles!

Great job.