Wednesday, 10 June 2015

For the Glory of Greece!

Long long time ago... in a city far away (London) I bought a box of Warlords (formerly Immortal) miniatures plastic Classical Hoplite, it was 2012 and started painting them quite quickly... then the project, after 26 done entered the dreaded backburner... but recently in my organized drive to clear backlogs and finish armies I started working on them again finishing the box....

They are intended to be the core of a Corinthian army to oppose my Athenians (mainly Victrix) using Armati (with my own adaptation of the "intro" basing scheme). They will soon be joined by their commanders, peltasts (half done) and psiloi (the same). They can also be used for a small army in Hoplomachia (with a single base corresponding to a Lochos) or in the Crusader rules (but the light troops will have to be reinforced in this case). It has been a challenge to paint them but I like the result.

I have tried to give them a lot of individuality. I also think that having painted them in two batches one in London one in Italy  (and with 3 years in the middle) has disjointed a bit the project but still the whole phalanx is quite impressive. I also like the figures a lot. Probably the Victrix ones are a tad nicer, but the Warlord ones are not bad either.

For the shields the first 26 used a mix between hand painted shields and the included decals, the last 16 have LBMS transfers. Well the LBMS are a blast, but require careful trimming and placing because you do not see what you are doing (you apply them reversing them) and the shield is circular. The edges are all handpainted. Ok some details:

These are LBMS shields. The battle scars are a quite nice touch.

  While here you can see the difference between the LBMS and the Warlords decals (second group of 8 hoplites from your left).

Again a mix. On your left a base with LBMS followed by the original decals to the end.

Well for today we are done, I hope you like them!

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