Sunday, 7 June 2015

PLAN Destroyers

Well, another little post...

this time for two 052B PLAN destroyers. They are 1/3000 white strong flexible from Shapeways ("Objects may appear" shop). They are relatively cheap and quite nice. I am getting used and happy with the WSF mediums for miniatures, at least for ships in 1/3000 scale. Once painted the granular aspect is not as bad as people want it to be. The details is also quite good. 

 A view of both ships (Wuhan and Guangzhou). The 051B are area air defence destroyers designed to protect other ships from air threats. They are thus equipped with SA-N-12 missiles as primary system. Thye also carry ASW weapons (including an helicopter) and SSM. They are quite nice ships. I hope to have been able to reproduce the very light gray (almost white) color used by the PLAN.

 Close up of the Guangzhou

From the top, you can see the SSM launchers amidships and the SAM in front of the superstructure.

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