Sunday, 10 May 2015

Über die Scheldte die Maas und den Rhein Stießen die Panzer nach Frankreich hinein


for those who are not interest in map games or Vietnam... here is an eye candy post based on some of my most recent painted stuff. All plastic! (More or less...). It is early war at the Forward HQ (at least it was until few days ago) and I have almost finished my 1940 (with 1941 additions) Germans.

Let's see what we have...

A platoon of Panzer III

A couple of Panzer II

 A Sdkfz 222

and two Panzer IIIG for Russia...

Except two Panzer III G from Quality Castings (that I use as F due to the fact that their guns are so small and they lack the Rommelkiste) everything is plastic, the III from PSC and the smaller stuff from Zvezda. I have also used the new German stowage set from PSC to add a Gypsy appearance to some tanks. It is an extremely good set, not only is filled with goodies, but Will and his minions also tell you what the bits are, so you can but the right ammo boxes on the tanks. I was realyl happy with the set. Now lets go do the detail views...

First the Gypsies...

One of the Tank commanders is from the stowage sprue. Will gives you several in various poses and differentiated between early, mid, and late...

 Now the little Zvezda 222... probably it is the most ocmplex WW2 kit in their art of tactics range, and it is not a thing you can build blind, still, it is cheap, and once built it paints very well...

The Panzer II are plain, but crisp and nice. I prefer them to my earlier Peter Pig ones.

Back the full platoon. In the first picture you can see the two QC ones, the Commander is battlefront. I have gone for the camoed look that some tanks certainly sported in France. Before you yell at me I am not just basing this on Flames of War but on the excellent monograph "Case Yellow" by Dennis Oliver published by Firefly. 

 Now we move to compare QC (the one ond the left) and PSC (the other three)... The PSC tank commander is fro their Stowage set, excellent and crisp.
 A PSC with added stowage.

To complete this post a shot of my Platoon Commander:

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