Thursday, 27 July 2017

Zvezda King Tiger

Okay, I was hiding again... despite constantly painting (painting tanks is a good way to fight back job induced stress... much better than going postal! And you can always dream to run over those pesky individual that pretend to be colleagues with a tank...). Painting tanks is also better than binge miniature shopping, at least as long you have plenty of reserves...

now talking of tanks... last time I hopped in the far north at Partizan I grabbed some cheap (3£) Zvezda King tigers... you know those 'snap together' kits. Well after few minutes of snapping together:

I think, in my not so humble opinion, this is a good representation of the beast. Detail is not just quite good, it is excellent. Yes the cover over the gunner vision block is a bit too big and solid, but it is an acceptable compromise.  I got two of them (and then procured another two later one, after I decided they were good and I wanted a full platoon... yes something about binge tank shopping...). 

Then of course black primer and vallejo colours in hand I started to leave my own mark on the beast...

I opted for a late war plain three tone camouflage. Nothing too complicated. I think the result is quite good... but of course will I post pictures of a tank I am not satisfied with? Oh, by the way the main gun elevates and the turret rotates... quite a clever kit!