Tuesday, 1 September 2015

"Holydays done"

Or started, depends on what you call holidays... anyway for more than two months I have been quite silent here... This did not meant that I stopped being a wargamer, just that I stopped finishing decent posts for the blog... anyway things have returned to almost normal, except the fact that I am submerged by lectures to write... yes... I am entering academia from the other side. I am now a Teaching Fellow at King's college, so new that I just received my draft contract...

anyway beside writing lectures on interesting subjects like Cold War strategic air reconnaissance (including also FICON... yes I said that... Fighter In CONvair!) or Operation Barrel Roll I have been able to get some new painting done.

First thing is a 15mm Obejctive Marker. Eons ago I painted a Panzer IV for a friend. He has a transport accident and the poor tank (a Battlefront resin/metal kit) was damaged. He dumped it on me... and after some thinkering I decided to convert it in an objective/scenic base.

Actually the damage was relatively minor, just part of the turret schurzen and the muzzle brake. But I re-positioned turret and main gun to give it the appearance of an abandoned tank and repainted it in my new technique for German armour. I then did a very simple base using a some sand, sponge, and a a bit of a dried natural bush. The raised road is cork covered in sand, the idea is that the vegetation is growing in the uncared ditch.

I think it turned out quite well.