Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Better Muromachi period bushi (Part 1)

Well my intrepid readers, I promised better close up when I finished the dismounted Bushi.  Bushi and pictures were indeed produced by Monday but then laziness took precedence... now it is Wednesday and I am finally doing what I promised. Here is a small force from the fictional Clan Ogawa. It has a high ranking Samurai mounted, a lower ranked Bushi on foot, and two retainers. It is a bit more than 100 points in ronin. 

 Lord Ogawa has just loosened an arrow!

The two retainers look toward the enemy...

I included also a photos of the back armor.

As usual comments are more than welcome.

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  1. Very nice - I have a few Curteys and like how they fit in with both TAG and 1st Corps Early-Samurai ranges.