Thursday, 18 June 2015

In a far distand land....

... during the middle ages (and also a bit of renaissance...) there were fearsome warriors called Bushi.

In a not too distant land there is a crazy soldiers' painter (バカ兵隊の画家? not sure of the spelling) that is trying to paint some of them for Ronin. Because I gave all my 28mm Perry to mister Oshiro when I switched to 15mm for the Age of War I decided to not do the same period twice in two different scale and insteast opted for the earlier Muromachi period. Why?

Because I like the armor of the period, I like the history, I can use the Mongol Invasions as backdrop, and because... I discovered I had a bag of Curteys 28mm retainers... (ok there is a reason why I have them... I also know the reason but it is a moot point now...). I quickly ordered a bag of mounted and dismounted samurais from Curteys last month... and started painting. Now I have the retainer done, the mounted samurai done, and two of four dismounted bushi also done! That is a record, from internet to blog in weeks. I hope to have the picture of the dismounted Bushi taken Sunday or Monday at the latest, but for now...

 First you can see the retainers...

and then the mounted Bushi:

 I will show the detail picture in "precedence" order now so first Bushi:

I really like painting Curteys. I know people complain about their heads, but the detail of the armors is excellent and they are a joy to paint.

And then the close ups of the retainers:

 The spears are cast. I really like their blades.

Well for this small Japanese project the pictures have ended. I hope you like them.

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