Sunday, 26 January 2014

Post 1942 German forces, Part 1: Luftwaffe Flak Batterie (schwere)

I did it, I finished them... a reinforced battalion worth of German troops. I know I am crazy what i do with such amount of 15mm Germans... well I have plenty of variations for my forces, usually for Blitzkrieg Commander, 15mm Chain of Command, and I Ain't Been Shot Mum... anyway it is time to show you the scary assembly... a unit at time.

Today we are starting with the latest addition, the Luftwaffe 88mm Pak/Flak 37/38 Batterie. It is the old Battlefront boxed set, with resin scenic bases and resin single piece vehicles (that I like quite a lot). I debated (with myself) long time how to paint them Heer, SS, or Luftwaffe, in the end I dciced Luftwaffe. They will thus work as detachment from a Flak Division or Korps, an attached battery, part of a Luftwaffe Feldt Division, or part of the HG Division. I hope you will like them. They are quite nice sculpts (some of the faces are not superb), maybe a bit overpriced, but I had them at home for years...

The resin bases are nice, but not always the hole and the round bases liked each other...

anyway pictures, pictures!
 As you can see I opted for a very simply camo scheme of green over dunkel gelb base.

Even if the sculpture of the head is not perfect I like the poses of the command group, especially the battery commander in overcoat, side cap, and field glasses.

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