Sunday, 26 January 2014

and now... a teaser...

Major General George H. Sinclair

‘Colonel the operation was supposed to be black, how we can deny it if you requested a whole Tac air strikes on these positions? What you will do next time? Ask the army for an Armored division?’

‘Are you telling me we can ask the Army for the tanks, sir?’


‘Mister President, Secretary Halloran, there is a problem with the idea.’

‘It is the problem I fear General?’

‘Yes sir.’

‘General, what kind of problem there could be? It is the task of the Farmgate Command to recover high value technology for further use.’

‘We have already transferred the items you are asking about to the Selar solar System  Patrol Squadron, Secretary Halloran.’

‘What are you saying General?’

‘Mister Secretary we cannot afford to antagonize the Empire. Not now. And frankly we cannot keep secrets with Selar people in the FGC.’

‘How you have allowed those snakes inside the FGC?’

‘Well, Dick, I ordered him. They caught u red handed. We had to make a deal. Is this or learning Russian. Even the Chinese are happy with them. Maybe my predecessor  misjudged them a little. Any way they do not like to learn Russian too. We have a common ground.’

‘How much we are exposed with them Mister President?’

‘Well Dick, I had a nice chat with the empress. It has been long and enlightening. I do not want to have it again. You know the story of Cortes and Montezuma?  Well the Selar are the Spanish… but they are much less greedy. On the other hand we are much less advanced than the Aztec. We also do not have skull pyramids.’



Major General John H. Sinclair is the current head of the FarmGate Command. In his role he has to oversee the day to day activities of the FGC operational teams, coordinate with other joint commands, deal with the White House, with allies, andf with the continual meddling of the “diplomats” from the Selar Empire. On top of that he has to constantly keep an eye on the head of his operational forces, Colonel Jack Deano and his ways to circumvent orders and restrictions.

In 2005 Colonel Sinclair was looking toward retirement while assigned to a desk in the Pentagon after a stint as Commanding Officer 1st Fighter Wing when he was handpicked for a special assignment and promoted Brigadier General. In the next 12 years he led the FGC both during the latter phases of the War on Terror, then in the days of the Meteor Swarm and afterward during the what was then called by the historians the First Unification War. 

To be continued…


  1. Very imposing pose - is that some kind of Class B uniform? He can't possibly go into battle wearing low quarters ;) Great work in any case. Best, Dean

    1. General Sinclair's battles are fought mainly from the desk. not that these are simpler. Even if he is not facing the russian hordes or countless of less than inspiring characters and organizations... it is supposed to be USAF class B and it will quickly recognized who was the archetype of this character....