Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day of the Tiger

Well, it is ages I do not blog anything. Rest assured that I have been very productive these months but now it is time to show you something new.  In February at Cavalier I was able to place my greedy hands on some Plastic Soldiers Tigers… a full box. As almost every wargamer that dabbles in WW2 I have scores of German tanks, scores of tigers too… but 4 more were too difficult to resist.   I was able to paint them before the end of 2013… thus quite a good record. I painted one for Tunisia and 3 for Normandy. I will use my Peter Pig ones for Sicily and eastern front now…

The models are very good. Building them was a pleasure, instructions were clear and the pieces fit together  very well, with the exception of the track halves that had some joining problem. Nothing that you cannot overcome too.  In the box there are a lot of options and probably a better information on what optional bits to use would have been nice, but there are plenty of books and good pictures over the internet to help you. Actually there are so many optional parts that having only four tanks to play with means you will not be able to try every variant and sub-variant. I am very happy with the results anyway. But I spoke even too much… let’s see the beasts.

Ok first we have a group shot of the three Normandy's tigers.

First one painted.

Looking at the trio from above

and from their business end. I like having several crewmen out on the right one.

Second one

 Parting shot!

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