Sunday, 26 January 2014

15mm Modern

 Recently on my usual forum I aired a rant on the fact that 15mm Modern/Contemporary ranges are less fleshed out that it should be. Actually I said that we are just receiving bits and bobs without any real coherency.  One of the replies was that 15mm modern is not well represented in said forum, and then a lot of other stuff that had little in common with my lamentation. As much I like 28mm I think that 15mm has some advantages. Especially for vehicles and platoon/company combined arms actions.  Thus I decided to show part of my quite considerable collection here. I know i ranted about too much middle east... but the first thing is a couple of technicals from Peter Pig. They are vanilla Toyotas with  RCL added and OLP crew manning them. They represented the fire support backbone of some of my Lebanese Militias. Probably i will repaint the windows soon, I am not satisfied... and then repost them with their infantry support.

After the palestinian militia is better to show something more conventional. This is my M2A1 platoon for Germany 1987, at least its vehicle components, hopefully very soon I will post some shots with also the dismounted elements. The Bradleys are from QRF. As far the M2A1 is concerned the QRF model is quite good. The TOW launcher is pose-able, the details crisp and clean. The full force (I need to show it to you soon also included a platoon of 4 M1A1 (three painted, one to be completed) and one M981 FIST vehicle to observe for artillery. I will also need to add a company command section. Still undecided if using two bradleys or two abrams. I will decide soon exploiting Geoff QRF sale.  I will not go fo a whole company. There is no point in having 3 or four platoons running on a 6x4 table with IFV and tanks. but being able to field two complete platoons and some support allow you to do some real combined arms. If you want more... do like me and build bigger things in 6mm...

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