Friday, 24 January 2014

Day of the Tiger, Part 2

Well in my previous post i hinted at the fact that there were 4 tigers in the box and one has been painted for Tunisia. Here 'he' is:

Some details on this one. I did a research on the Tigers sent in Tunisia. They did not appear to be very early models so I used the rommelkiste, some had the smoke dischargers. Certainly  these features  are present on the one at Bovington, as are the Fieffel filters:

For the paint scheme I used the less common Italian green  one. Why? I have already a couple of Peter Pig tigers painted in dunkel gelb and I wanted to try something different. I also think the green tone lend itself well to my idea of the hybrid terrain in Tunisia. The eagle eyes will also notice the turret differences between this model and the later model pictured in the previous post. the PSC kit gives you the ability to represent both turrets, with differen sides, top, and mantlet. Also the fron plate of the hull is different. Again this is an exceptionally good kit, probably the best tiger you can get in 15mm. I am very pleased with it.


  1. Very nice work - I must admit I am a flake when it comes to historical details - I would not have even considered the smoke dischargers ;) Best, Dean

    1. Well, having been able to drop at Bovington Camp in September and taking pictures had been useful... very useful. And thanks for the compliment.