Sunday, 19 October 2014

Number 2 Platoon...

Well one week has passed from my last post... another British infantry platoon is done. Only one more to go... thanks god! I like the figures, but painting so many troops in the same uniform without interruption is stressing, I have now changed subjects... anyway we are almost done so it is not too bad. The company HQ has already been done, the individual squad leaders too. Just another platoon...

This time, as already discussed I have used FoW rural bases. They are quite nice but In the end I decided to add some foliage clumps, not the sea of grass as in some other pictures (well what is the point of having sulpted bases if you drown them in grass?), just to add some colour.  As already mentioned... the holes are too small for the miniatures... PSC of FoW does not matter, they are too small. I had to cut the circular figure bases to size... the holes are too small even for their own inserts... go figure. My comments on the PSC figures stay, they are very nice as you can see from the details:

 This is one of my favourite bases. The fence is a nice touch.

Platoon commander with medic.

Ok we are done for this British Army update, I hope you like them.

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