Monday, 13 October 2014

6mm Centauro B1 from shapeways.


I cannot sculpt... but I can beg... so I asked a Shapeways modeler if he could have done some 6mm modern Italian vehicles, specifically Centauro Armoured Cars and Ariete tanks. The first results are here.

I like them. They are in FUD and a bit pricey, but they are detailed models. They are an huge improvement over the old H&R model (I was hoping the new management would have redone it). If you are interested you can order them here:

Shapeways shop

Now I do not get anything from them. But I think the modeler, Freakazoitt deserves a bit of advertisement (he has some good and nice WW1 tanks too, in different scales).  More interests could also lead to more models and in different scales (15mm anyone?)

I will post more when the Ariete are ready and I will get the models.

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