Monday, 13 October 2014

British Armour, Part 2


Saturday was another decent days so I was able to take pictures, and the first Sherman V platoon of the Irish Guard is here  for your perusal.

What you see is a typical 1944 British tank platoon, with three 75mm tanks and on firefly, the Firefly not being the command tanks for obvious reasons (big gun, prime target). Again they are Plastic Soldiers Company models this thime with some added Skytrex stowage. The latter is  a really good pack; it is available both through Old Glory and Skytrex and gives you tarpaulins, bundled Camo nets, fueld drums, jerrycans, and boxes. I have been informed Will and his PSC design elves are doing something similar for PSC but at first it will be released in 20mm...

Anyway back to the models. Basically you get five Shermans with two options per Sherman: 75mm gun or 17 pdr gun. You have two different hull and two different turrets. As usual for PSC tanks they fit together very easily and building them is a pleasure. As you can see from the pictures the level of detail is high.

Again, as usual when PSC is concerned, I cannot fault them  for anything. Ok, I could have complained about having only basic stowage, but it is not too bad.

 Here you can see the details of the added stowage.

Here it is even better (and with better focus). The decals are from PSC too. They are quite easy to work with, but... well I have a complain. The tactical markings are not soo many. They seems to have been designed more for Rapid Fire than for 1 to 1 representation and leave you a bit short of specific Squadron markings.  As an additional note... when I was placing the tanks back in their shelves my inattention caused a potential disaster... by sheer bumbling (shades of one of my literary alter egos, Major Bumblejones...) I had one of the tanks falling to the floor. I was about to scream in horror (and then cry). No need, being plastic the tanks was completely safe, not even chipping on the paint...

One last parting shot!

Beside the 4 Shermans in that photo shoot I also took out an oldie. A Quick Reaction Force Achilles tank destroyer. you know my relationships with QRF, some of the models are excellent, some not so much. The Achilles is on the plus side. It comes with crew and has some stowage already casted on. The HMG is a bit poor, but the model itself is crisp and nice, if a bit plain (no big rivets!).

I put it ona spare Kerr and King base I had at the time because it was an one off model and I wanted to add some personality.

 I think it does the right job.

Well for the first tank platoon this is all.

See you for the next post...

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