Monday, 13 October 2014

British Infantry, No 1 platoon.


and I am back... as I said earlier Saturday was a sunny day nice to take pictures. I also took images of my first completed British Infantry platoon. No 2 Platoon will be completed, hopefully, tomorrow, and then, once recovered, it will be No. 3..

 Here we have our first group shots. The stalward troop from the Irish Guard have been provided by The Plastic Soldiers company. It is the first of their new generation release and, I have to add, an extremely good one. Ok note... I am also adding individually based section leaders and I have only three... the box is short of Sten-armed figures... both for section and platoon leaders. This is my only criticism. The figures are in the late battledress and I supposed, under the scrim and netting they carry the MkIV turtle helmet. They are armed with Enfields rifles, Bren LMG, and some Sten SMG. The figures are perfect matches for Battlefonr ones,  well rounded and well detailed. They are almost all a single piece sculpt with the exception of the prone figures (one of the two Bren pose + loader, Piat operator + loader, 2" mortarman + loader). I have used (except for three) Flames of War rubble bases. I had still some lying around and they are quite nice. The PSC troops are a perfect match for the holes, their new round bases fitting nicely in the rubble bases. The rural bases that I am using on the Number 2 platoon are another matter; their holes are a bit smaller and do not fit PSC of FoW miniatures... thanks good with my plastic cutter it is very easy to shape plastic... much better than lead.

 Close shot of the platoon support weapons.
 The poor bloody infantry.

If you look closer you will see two FoW figures, they sized perfectly with the rest of the gang, incredible!

Well No 1 Platoon is done.

Thanks for viewing!

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