Saturday, 4 October 2014

God Save the King and the 15mm British Army

The British are coming!!!!

Well, something new… long time ago a friend of mine asked me to  paint some British forces for Battlefront WW2 (the serious WW2 ruleset, not FoW…) in 15mm. Then he decided to do some rebasing and some changes in his collection (he was like that) and dumped several elements on me I have to highlight the fact that first he was commissioning the painting on me, paying, and then dumping some of the painted stuff…  do not ask question. Sometime he was also asking to not paint some stuff he ordered for him and just left it in my lair. This way I started to get some British elements, more or less a gaggle of stuff. Then Geoff at QRF sent me a big box of 15mm vehicles and guns to paint for the website (thing I am slowly doing) and in that box there were some British vehicles too…

Thus I got the foundation of a British force element in 15mm. Recently the formidable Plastic Soldier Company released several 15mm sets that allowed me to complete by British company with little cost. I painted some vehicles long time ago while I was still living in Lillian Penson Hall… and recently, mainly spurred by having worked for the Queen Royal Hussars I pushed the pedal to the metal to finish the project. I have only one Bren Carrier and two infantry platoons to complete for the project. Then Will at PSC has to release the 6pdr and the associated Lloyd carriers… but now it is show time.

First of all two QRF Churchills MK V. Ok They could even pose as MK VII until I get the MK VII from the PSC... while the MK VII is supposed to be wider than previous version, in 15mm the "wider" thing is relative. Only the gun is a tell tale element (and if you want my opinion the turret look more a MK VII...) Well they are not the best of the models, the PSC ones are much better, but they paint up quite well, they are decent, I have them. One thing I like a lot is the cast baggage.



Then we have  some PSC Cromwells driving along the "widest part of the road"  In one blog a chap was telling the audience he got rid of his PSC ones because he wanted the “individually sculpted” from the Flames of Vom… War range. Well I have some Skytrex add on baggage and I have done some paper hessian… I am pleased with the result.

Yes... the paper hessian!

Normandy cowling...

 Hedgerow cutter.

I like the Cromwell, I have one also in 1/48 (one of the various scales you can use with 28mm) from Tamyia. Anyway I really liked the PSC ones. You have the option to do also a Cromwell CS and to add or not add the “Normandy cowling” and the hedgerow cutter.

Oh you cannot see the Skytrex baggage because the stowed up tank was not pictured… me stupid. Next round, with Achilles and Shermans… oh talking of Shermans.  I was a bit loath to try the paper hessian straight on a PSC model… so I got a QRF Firefly as guinea pig. Good idea because I learnt some tricks.

Ok; for today this is all. I hope you enjoy the vehicles.

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