Saturday, 4 May 2013

Leopard 2A5 15mm QRF... the Panzers are coming.

First post in ages…  quick review and crappy pictures of my 2 QRF Leopard 2A5. 

Well I am ambivalent on the subject. I do not dislike the model. It has hull, tracks, turret, MG3 and smoke dischargers (ok with two tanks I missed one smoke discharger set, so one of them has 12 pots instead of 16). The Pieces are reasonably well cast, I have the model from several years and Geoff mentioned he in the process of remoulding it, so my two tanks are quite old. The shape of the turret is well made and look the part. I think it is too ‘thin’ in the sense that the turret is not, IMHO sufficiently tall. The other weak point is the front of the hull. The Ice rooks are badly cast and not well defined. The Back of the thank (not pictures) is nice but it is also the weakest part of the casting.

As far painting is concerned… I do not like the pictures at all. My effort to do a decent subdued camouflage has gone awry, mainly through the my camera’s flash.  In the second picture the Leopard in the background has a much better colours in the images. And they have been painted together. Ok, while my friends tell me I am good at taking picture of them I am crap with miniatures (or my camera is crap or simply I am better to take pictures of stunning woman than miniatures or, more simply, I forgot that you cannot use the flash too close to a miniature…). Anyway I am quite satisfied with the scheme. I have used a Dark Green (Vallejo US Dark Green) as base while the camouflage is composed of Grey-Green and Chocolate Brown, both from Vallejo.  I then washed with Vallejo black wash and dry-brushed with Vallejo Deck Tan. Then I added details, tracks, mud ( a bit overdone on the foreground tank) and black lined the whole.   Well it is not perfect, probably I need a better green under the wash, but on the table (and not  on the cat-cover) it looks good. I am quite pleased on how they turned out.

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