Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Still the Bundeswher theme, but in a different scale. Eons ago I bought some Eureka modern German  infantry.  They sat (or laid) unpainted in the 28mm modern box until the Easter holiday where I finally decided to try the flecktarn. Well… I am not the best painter of the world (and not the best picture taker) But I am kind happy with them. When I will be back home I will paint the rest of the squad. For now just look at the first samples. 

As far picture taking goes I think I have finally re-learn the tricks. I had not taken picture of my minis for around one year for several reason. If you use a flash you need to be far away, and it is much better to not use it. The cat-cover on the dinning room table is not the best thing. Ok, I have learned my lessons.

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