Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Well… I do not like them… I do not like the fact that nowadays they seem to be the answer for everything, from terrorism to cold. Well I do not even know if they think that way or it is just punditis at its worse, but to be honest I have problems with special forces in my daytime ‘job’. Still well… you know it, I am a gamer… I need to have them on the table. Here is my first attempt at Multicam, and a maddening one. I am really satisfied of the result. Still finding the right colors has been quite annoying (understatement). One of the figure had his camo repainted because the first base color (taken from a 20mm guide) did not look even close on a 28mm.  Now, sadly, I forgot the right sequence of Vallejo colors and even forgot to write it down… ah.. ah... ah… or maybe I did (painted at the end of the last year) but I do not know where the hell I have put the note… ah ah ah… ). Still they are cracking good figures from Empress and I am really really happy with the result. I am also happier with the photographic results.At start they were intended to be Navy Seals, then when Eureka released their set i decided they can be more generic US Army Special Forces.

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