Sunday, 10 June 2012

The troubles of the starved wargamer living outside the USA

today I was planning to write about the excellent experience I had playing the two expansion scenarios of LnLP "Dawn's Early Light" and my thoughts on the game... but instead my daily check on Consimworld had put me in a quandary...

DVG is about to release Thunderbolt Apache Leader...

Plus MMP has released Angola.

This is both good and awfully bad. Good because I was quite interested in the games. Bad because... you guessed it... I am quite starved at the moment. Just checked my personal (opposed to family) bank account... 250 GBP... aaaarghhh.... And I have to go untel the end of the month before I got paid again.

I need wargames... no I am not a compulsive shopper or an addicted, I need wargames for research. I also need books. I also like miniatures and at the moment I am really looking forward to Victrix Limited new 28mm plastic hoplites. I have an overly expensive hobby I know. I need to prioritize. I have a lot of new miniatures with some more coming from Warlord games and the aforementioned hoplites.  Probably this summer will have a bit of switch back to paper and counter. I had some battle plans for miniatures but I fear I will be shelving them.

I have a meaty buying list: Dai Senso (I know I am a sticker for pacific theater) TAL, Angola and probably one of the upcoming new small game from DG on the SADF border raids.  Then we have Line of Battle from MMP and still walking around a couple more... At least I have published a review in the upcoming battles, I suppose I will get some money from it soon...

Ah... one last point... I mentioned TAL... it is on its last day of pre-order. But right now I do not want to cut into my bank account. I will have to pass hopefully I will be able to get it from Leisure Games or Second Chance games at a decent price (higher price but no shipping to UK... I have mentioned a 30+ USD shipping tag? )

Ok, for now over and out.

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