Thursday, 7 June 2012



In retrospect maybe I have been too hard with Mark, rereading my Line of Fire I have to say that he had been quite open in allowing for “alternative” modules. Still there is the problem of the expansions. In my opinion between America Conquered and the even sillier “crusade thing” he is about to kill the game more or less. I am betting a middle eastern module with proper stuff and arms even an historical one on 1973 and/or 1967 will sell more. Even my proposed Japanese module would have been better, and with a full boxed expansion I could have worked miracles. Yet in the end it is call. Only time will tell who is right. Still I have my doubts and my problems, especially with the way mark treat dissenters. Despite (at least in my view based on e-mail correspondence)  being a patient and easy going person on the official forums his reaction have left him a bit exposed to flak. He is too defensive and, considering the extreme “position” of the WaWverse/Walkerverse it would be much better to adopt a more conciliatory policy and less stance like “it is history” when it is just fiction and a fiction people can even consider quite bad. I know it is his style but it is detrimental. When I read some special rules and find “the BM-21 rocket made famous by XXX” I feel sick. Looks the majority of us are equipment buff we know what a BM-21 without reference to a previous scenario or a fiction work very few have ever read. 

Not that this change anything. Still every time I open a new WaW game I feel more and more sick. Paris is Burning will be used only for components and probably even The Untold Stories. I am not interested in a sick story about crusades and greater evils. In the end WW3 is my war and I want to write my story. I am now regarding WaW as a construction kit. One that could have been much better.  Still there is room for improvement and I am an optimist.

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