Saturday, 18 December 2010

and a little teaser...

Ok, some more 15mm stuff.

Some weeks ago I painted a Peter Pig 15mm Panzer IVG. It will be my company commander tank, so I used a Kerr and King resin base as on my french company commander (and no they are not supposed to be on the same table!)

Usually when I paint tanks I use as base Gunze Acrylic colors. They are very good and gave a decent base, plus being a little satin allow to represent the fact that tanks tend to be huge piece of metal. Sadly here in London I do not have my Gunze, and procuring them is quite arduous. SO I opted for a full Vallejo approach. The base was German Camouflage Ochre (VMC 824). Then I was a brown inking and a drybrush with Tan Yellow (VMC 912). Then the camouflage scheme was added. Then a light dry brush with off white and finally black lining with black ink. I am quite pleased with the experiment.

As usual my photographic skills are crappy.

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