Friday, 10 December 2010

A new project coming along... the French are coming!

Ok this is quite unusual for me... posting about a project that is indeed coming to conclusion. Several years ago I decided I wanted a 15mm French army. Bought some stuff from my favourite WW2 15mm manufacturer, Peter Pig. I painted a couple of them and then, as too often happened I got sidetracked.

Anyway the recent fuss about early war has again motivated me. In my last sojourn home I start to experiment with the french infantry and painted one PP Somua 35, lovely model. Then Moved back to my happy exile in London and bought some new stuff and...

painted it!

I decided I want company sized force for IASBM. It will be actually two company, one armoured, one infantry. The armour right now has priority. It comprises of 7 B1Bis (one company commander, two 3 tanks platoons), 3 R35, one platoon of attached infantry and one battery of 75mm guns. Right now I need to finish 2 B1Bis (sitting at home) and one last infantry squad (same location). Here I have 4 B1Bis, 3 R-35 and the artillery. 2 of the 75mm still needed to be based too.

You can see the heavy tank in the picutures.
I have used the three colour scheme, the Company commander has a more "weathered" approach, Not sure if I really like it. To further differentiate it I have also used a Kerr&King base.
Beacuse I want my platoons to have a theme, Ihave named the CO "Saigon" (ok I am fascinated by the far east) while the first platoon has the tanks "Noumea" "Papeete" and "Tumbuctou" they are colonies conquere by the naval infantry. The 2nd platoon that I will paint in the Christmas break will have algerian themed names.

I have used Battlefront decal... but the force is all from Peter Pig. I hope to have pictures of the R-35 and the guns before the end of the week end.

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