Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Forged in Battle Panzer IV

Forged in Battle, a pleasant experience.

Around one year ago I decided to buy a box/pack of Forged in Battle 15mm Panzer IV G/H. Ok I am slow to paint and I am not so good at planning (ask my mother that impulse buy at Warfare 2010 created a lot of troubles in the family) anyway recently I decided to finally try them. Carried them back to my forward HQ and finally started the work. Actually once I started I cannot put them down. I did them in around one week end and I was massively pleased.

Forged in battle tanks are hybrid kits. Resin hull and metal turret. In the box you get 4 different hulls, 4 identical turrets and 8 barrels. 4 L43 and 4 L48 guns. You also got open and closed turret cupola (with the hatches modelled in open or close position) and 4 different tank commander. The 4 hulls are works of art, each different and with different schurzen combination. Some have spare tracks on the front some not. They are cleanly cast and only minor cleaning is necessary. The same is true for the metal parts. The details are impressive.

In the end I decided to have 3 H variants and the platoon commander riding in an older, but trusty G.

Painting was a breeze. They took army painter matt black primer without an hitch and Vallejo Model and Game colours without problem. I painted them in slightly different schemes to gave the idea of a battered and ragtag platoon. I have used a German camo ochre (Model Color 824) washed with Sepia ink and then drybrushed with

Tan Yellow, then I applied camo and finally gave another dry brush with dark sand. I am quite pleased with the results.

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