Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Heading toward the DMZ... in 1/300


just to show that here, at the current location of the Forward HQ work continues unabated here is another updated. This time we will head toward the Korean Peninsula in the mid nineities with a reinforced tank battalion of the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA). It is platoon scale, so we have three tank companies equipped with K1-88 (K1 companies had 3 platoons with three tanks each plus one Command tank for the CO so I modeled them with two tank stands).  There is also a mechanized infantry company equipped with KIFV (Korean IFV) and infantry. Finalyl we have a 4 batteries artillery battalion equipped with K-9 Thunder to port the Battalion Task Force to the 21st Century.

The Vehicles are from Heroic and Ros and are all new sculpts, the infantry is Main Force (modern americans). The new H&R vehicles are awesome. The details is really good, and the cast is very crisp. They have also baggage already added. I painted them with the old BDU and not the new ROKA camouflage. The Vehicles are all in the current  ROKA variation of the US MERDC camo.

The Mighty K1-88
The K1-88 was the first indigenous tank developed in South Korea. IT was a joint Venture between Rotem (a Hyundai's division) and General Dynamics (that explains the shape...). It is linked ot the M1 Abrams and equipped with an L7A1 105mm rifled gun.

After the Tanks here comes the Mechanized Infantry with its KIFV:

And finally the big guns:

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