Saturday, 18 April 2015

And a bit of eye candy....

After two reviews here there is some eye candy for you...

my newest 28mm vehicle.

It is an 1/50 M113A3 from Empress (formerly Imprint). It is a resin and metal model that I have painted in my rendition of  the infamous verdant MERDC camouflage. It has been a chore but I am happy with the result. The track commander is a Mongrel (yes I have some) Israeli tank command that I had left in my spare bing after crewing my M113 and my Sho't back in time... I think the final effect is quite nice.


  1. Nice camo work and command figure. I like the scale too - most of my WW2 stuff are 1/50th Corgi or 1/48th plastic.

  2. My current stuff is mainly 1:50 empress/imprint or 1:56. Two hobby master 1:/56 M1A1 (prepainted and very good) 4 BMP (three -2 and one -1) from Sloppy Jalopy (1:56). Several little nifty things from Chieftain (including a Chieftain...) and 1:48 Warrior and Jackal. WW2 is more "confusing". Basically I grab what I like (I also like to build the Tamyia stuff) and then try to fit them one with the other (also until recently we did not have large ranges). In the end I play with one or two vehicles per Scenario so it is not such a big deal.