Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Unusual (for this blog) stuff


I promised some uncommon stuff. when i first dabbled in military models my first passion was planes, well my granddad was an Air Force pilot and I grown up close to a NADGE station (now transformed in one of the major NATO air command centers). I grown up with a steady diet of F-104, G-91 and later Tornadoes... having my current house more or less stright under a military air corridor also helps... anyway I started build 1/72 model aircrafts when I was in elementary school and keep the passion up. Right now I am still building one or two planes per year. Some of my lateest works were an Academy P-47D and an Italeri M109G, I like both, I am satisfied of them so I decided to take pictures and post there for your viewing pleasure.

I did the panel lines by hand with black ink after applying the decals. It was a chore but I like it...

The mat... it is a sea/air hexed vinyl mat. I asked a fellow blogger Lex Stormwalker about it after having seen his work here . It is very good.  After a short exchange of mails I took my request and created a pdf for me. Then I had it printed on vinyl and I am extremely satisfied. I am almost thining to get a a couple of land based mats too... It was out because I did a game of Bag Ther Hun 2 with a friend an d then worked hard for a series of naval miniatures trials.... you can see here...

 But this is just a taster for one of the next posts.

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