Saturday, 13 September 2014

Some new painting...

Well it is time to put something new here... holidays are gone, the hectic days in London are gone, I am back in my lair with my obnoxious neighbour (also called the land grabber due to his habit to take land that is not his own) annoying me with his antics and his awful attempts to create a garden on our lawn... anyway first of all a rare thing...

A 54mm early empire (I would say August-Tiberius period) Roman Legionary. It is a Pegaso Models miniature from Italy. I bought it eons ago.. I think 10 years ago. I was slowly painting it. It sat half painted on a shelf for my entire master and PhD... finally I decided that it was time to finish it. I cannot always start and abandon projects.

I am quite pleased with the result, especially the chain mail. I am not 100% happy of the photo results with the shield, in person it looks more shaded. Anyway I am rarely pleased with my picture taking skills.You can decide by yourself.

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