Thursday, 1 May 2014

1st of May parade... in 15mm...

Ok it is the first of May... I am sure the tanks are rolling on the red square in Moscow to make mr. President proud (or they are along the border ready to make mr. President owner of a large chunk of land...), but in my forward HQ I have taken the opportunity to line up my 15mm WW2 soviet armour in parade. Well, I have quite a bunch of green clad tanks and vehicles as you can see, collected, built, and painted in the past 11 years...

as you can see by yourselves..

there are a mix of manufacturers, some metals, some resin, several plastic. On the first row there is my 1929-42 tank force. From right to left: T-35, T-28, KV-2, KV-1E, T-34m41, BT7, Ba-6, T-26.

Following the early war stuff we have the mid war line, with plenty of T-34m43 with hexagonal turret,  two Su-76s, and five T-70.

The third line has SU-100, a Lend and Lease M4A2(76), five T-34/85 (and you will argue that the paintjob is not Soviet but it is from the KPA and the PAVN... it is true they are PSC T-34 with switching turrets, I decided to give them a bit of flesxibilty... probably I will procure an additional box to have them painted in proper Soviet livery), and five JS-2 (4 model 44, one model 43). The fourth row as a Katusha on GAZ truck and two GAZ trucks. 

Well this is pretty much my whole soviet force for WW2. I have 9 other M4A2(76) in various stages of preparation and then I am done. I do not reckon I will add to this force. I have plenty of toys. Infantry will follow (I am upgrading them). But I was really tempted to line up the whole horde...

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