Thursday, 3 April 2014

Further troops get ready to move to Kiev...

as usual in my 15mm world...

Anyway I promised to show the infantry supporting my British armoured force and yesterday also promised to put some pictures on the blog. Thus without any further ado,  after having found a decent day to take pictures and following my usual laziness in  posting here we are. QRF contemporary UK troops for your perusal.

I like them even if the pictures, being quite extreme close ups do not give them justice, also they show how bad the close up of a 15mm multicam is...  anyway the problem is that if you look very close the multicam resembles a DPM in 15mm.

I have created this force to be used in Force on Force and Cold War Commander. Thus I have gone with some group bases (3x3 cm ones with 3 figures) accompanied by  fire team leaders and other support figures (Plt Commander, Sergeants, RT operator) based singly. 

Here are some group shots of the entire force, the Armored Infantry Platoon and the Tank Troop together.

In these group pictures I  hope the DPM is showing a bit better. Anyway this project is done. I have the Javelin teams to paint (I will do them even if they are not platoon assets) but the large majority of the force is, finally, done. I really like both Challengers 2 and Warriors. They have been nice to paint. The same cannot be said for the infantry. As much I am satisfied with the final results painting them has been a chore. Still the character of today British infantryman seems to be here. One thing I have to admit is that the British Camo scheme is not really good if your camera decides to put up its flash anyway.  I will take some other pictures soon(ish) but I really wanted to share this, completed, project.  

Some words on it. This relatively little project has been an eye opener. It started around 10 years ago, if not more, as a small British force to be played with AK 47 (original) in my Aftermath Iran setting (a weird thing with Russians, Western Troops, pretty aliens with mecha, and mad mullahs). It was based on AK467 so much less mechanized. With time it moved to Battlefront WW2 Cold WAr version, CWC and other rules. expanding, shrinking, expanding again.  The stuff sat unpainted in my storage boxes for years. In the end it was done. but how many forces you need for a project? There was a time I was happily playing platoon sized stands in 15mm, nowadays I think that 6mm and 3mm are much, much better for that.  I have entertained the idea of doing company sized 1 to 1 forces for post war... but let's face it. Even with my 6x4 table a company of Charlie 2 will look cramped. I realized that trying to cram my panzer and soviet tank companies for WW in the same table. I realized that for my table 15mm companies are fine if they are infantry with armoured support again 6mm works better for tank actions. On the other hands platoons are fine. I have finally reached the point where I am confident in what a table could manage without too much scale distortion. And for 1945+ mechanized warfare is a couple of platoon at most. This also ties nicely with money. As much 15mm is still convenient tanks are still not cheap (except for Will and his PSC stuff...).  Thus all my forces are being tailored to this approach. WW2 infantry companies are fine, but the vehicles are scaled down a notch. I will keep you posted on this process. 


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