Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The march to Lorraine and Chain of Command

Sometime ago I posted a little teaser of an ongoing project, fall-winter US forces in 28mm for  Chain of Command. Well the project is going forward at a quite brisk pace. I have around two third of the infantry platoon done and a second medium tank built and painted. Thing to do include an Halftrack, the third infantry squad and some support weapons (mortar and MG). Then the US troops will be done (even if I am craving for an M10 Tank Destroyer). anyway here is the second Sherman.

This time we have a plain M4A3w(75). The A3 was quite common in North West Europe and the 75mm was (as the reader of the Lardy Specials probably already known...) the most common of the two guns until the spring of 1945.   Again an 1/48 Hobby Boss kit. building it had been easy (time consuming but easy) and painting it did not present any specific problem.

It is Classy Peg an M4A3 Sherman of Company C, 716th Tank Battalion, supporting the 25th Infantry Division on.... Luzon! Yes this is startling, but it also an hint that I have a second 28mm CoC project taking shape... anyway I hope you like this little nice tank.

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