Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The British Army is getting ready to deploy to Kiev...

in my 15mm World...

Well, the recent news have prompted my devious mind to look again at the prospect of a little Russian bashing... at the same time it happened I was painting my 15mm Contemporary UK troops... not a lot, just a Tank troop, and a mechanized infantry platoon, but anyway for my current funding this is a quite impressive force. I had some bits before, and, taking advantage of the latest QRF sale I decided to finish the force. Here are the pictures of the tracks... I have also the infantry but forgot to take the shots... when I come back from visit some friends I will do it (by the way the proof my life is a mess, to go out for dinner with a friend I have to take a plane).

Here are the two vehicle units. They are really good models. I used the basic Challenger 2 with no armor add-on because units in the UK do not use the add ons as you can see in this  picture:


 Instead the Warriors have the side panels (but not the bar or wrap armor). Well these units have quickly been mobilized from UK and Germany bases and are moving to deploy to prevent the Russian aggression (of course this is only happening in my 15mm world) and there was no time to add the armor packages.

I like these two QRF offerings. The details are here:

As you can see from the images of the real thing:

 There were no particular issue in building and painting the Challenger or the Warriors. The only thing that worried me was the Rarden gun on the Warriors. In some of them it arrived really bent at the joint between the barrel and the supports. I was afraid it would have snapped, but in the end it was fine.

 I really like the detail on the side armor.

and, in a completely unrelated news these two things also popped up at home...

Teasers for my next project...

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