Friday, 6 April 2018

Mounted Samurai

I have an huge collection of 15mm Peter Pig Samurai (and Ashigarus)... that I have to paint. I painted some as a test years a go and then gave all but two of the painted ones as gift to Japanese friends (yes the testbeds were intended as gifts). Of the testbeds I had done, a single base of mounted ones was left.  It was time to add some friends. In January Museum had its yearly sale. In the past I have painted some Museum Mongols for a customer (one of my former professors in Bologna University!) and I was quite pleased. I decided to pick one of their Han Chinese army packs (I watched the first season of Advisors Alliance... now if they subtitled the second...), and some some extras, namely some landsknecht arquebus and some mounted samurai, I am intrigued by their Kawankajima range. I painted the little fellas... and put them together with the PP ones.

Museum one are undoubtedly taller, but once based they do not tower unreasonably over their PP brethren.

I really like the detail on the Museum ones. They have no sashimonos and are sold in single pose packs, but they are well sculpted and reasonably clean cast. Also once painted in different liveries the single pose is not that obvious.   Of course I need better lighting...

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