Saturday, 27 May 2017


No not William Tecumseh Sherman, just an M4A4  in 1/56 scale.

Model from Warlord, plastic. I am happy with plastic, probably because in the past I grown up building plastic kits. I do not miss resin or metal. Light, fun to build, easier to clean; cheaper. These are the reason why I love the plastic mania...

what we have today is a nice, medium size kit from Warlord Games. It is not one of their co-production with Italeri. It comes with some stowage and two tank commanders. It was easy to build, and also to paint. I did not use a general wash, only black-lining with ink. some of the decal were a bit damaged, but they look like battered and worn markings, not bad. The big start on the rear deck was a pain. I used the Vallejo softener, but it is not as good as Micro-Sol.

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